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Silver Plan

Contact via: Email, Chat, Phone
Self-Service: Book it online by yourself
What to expect: Get a lot of travel information
We send you all products and links to book it yourself easily
Recommended travel budget: Up to AED 5,000
Travel type: Singles, Couples, City Trips




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Gold Plan

Consulting via: Email, Chat, Phone
What to expect: We book everything for you and care about you.
We set up your itinerary
Travel budget: From AED 5,000 – AED 100,000 budgets
Recommended for: Small Families, Small Groups, Companies and Individuals


AED 249 up to AED 1,950 per journey


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Platinum Plan

Consulting via: Personal preparation in-house with you
What to expect: Mario Apel – The bespoke travel manager
We manage your high travel budgets with care
Travel budget: From AED 100,000 budgets
Recommended for: Honeymooners, Large Groups, Companies


AED 6,500 a day


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T&C of bespoke services:  Services requiring less than a full day of work – fee is negotiable with a minimum of at least 1/8 the daily fee. Daily service charges involve up to 10 hrs. The client pays for transport and accommodation.


Travel Expert

Mario Apel

CEO of Flyfromdubai, born 1978 in Germany. Since 1998 successfull in the travel industry and over 25 years of travel experiences worldwide.

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Why Choose Us

Since 1998 successfull in the travel industry
Started 1998 in a german travel agency STA Travel in Berlin. Left Berlin 2004 for a new adventure in Australia. Invented the first travel business 2004 in Sydney called – individual travel management services. 
More than 25 years of travel experiences
Destinations Log: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Turkey, U.S.A. and Hawaii, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Thailand, Oman, U.A.E., Qatar, Morocco, Jordan, Syria, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Spain, Poland, Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Moscow, Tallinn, Ljubljana, France, Portugal, Singapore, Shanghai, Toronto, Venice
Bespoke Handpicked Packages
We offer you handpicked packages to give you an inspiration about several destinations worldwide. You can book it easily online or offline.
Easy Booking Technology
To make your booking experience as easy as possible we use or direct you to sophisticated booking engines only.
Excellent Consulting
To consult you the right way is a key issue of service for us. We prepare your journey like beeing a part of our family
Service Charge
Instead of book all products yourself you can apply for personal travel management at an extra charge. You will receive an excellent preparation of your journey. Services will be charged by work value based on AED 500 / hour.
Flyfromdubai is the dedicated travel manager for clients who live in the MENA REGION or travel to / via / from GCC. We are specialized in corporate / leisure clients and groups of families who prefer a travel manager’s individual attention and service besides enjoying the security of a customized holiday getaway! We use effective web technology and customize your wishes personally. We are available Monday – Sunday by email. If you would like to talk to us we call you back. Please leave your details at contacts! Book with now.